mahaweli complex

  RCM Advisor :
  A.R. Navamani (DGM - MC)

  RCM Team :
  M.H.D. Wimalaratne (EE(C&I)
  - UKTPS)
  S.M.N.D. Rathnayake (EE (C&I)
  - RNDPS)
  G.P.R. Chandima (ME - UKTPS)
  N.D. Subasinghe (EE (O) - UKTPS)
  T.U.R. Peiris (CE (C&I) - LC)
  A.S. Bogahapitiya (EE - BOWPS)
  Harsha Kondasinghe (EE (O) - KOTPS)

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

Mahaweli Complex pioneered in introduction of Reliability Centred Maintenance for CEB, a stratergy adopted on a wide scale since 2017 for the maintenance of the assets in the Power Stations.

Our experienced team of engineers continously work on prioritizing maintenance work and to identify the most critical assets using Asset Criticality Rating and the top 20 to 25% -- for further analysis using Consequence of Failure Anaysis (COFA) and Failure Mode & Effects analysis (FMEA) with a view to improve asset reliability and plant availability while lowering maintenance cost and minimizing plant downtime.

RCM Based Maintenance Policy of Mahaweli Complex Ensures……

  • Higher plant availability and reliability
  • Reduced overall cost by more efficient planned maintenance effort
  • Increased system dependability by using more appropriate maintenance activities
  • Availability of a fully documented audit trail
  • Availability of a management tool for Maintenance Managers which enhances managing maintenance with a high degree of control, direction and awareness
  • Ability to review and revise the failure management policies in the future with relatively minimum effort
  • Availability of improved understanding by the CEB of the objectives, purpose and reasons for which Power plant is performing the scheduled maintenance tasks

  • RCM with MMS..

    We are working now to integrate RCM with Mahawli Complex Maintenance Management System to effectively manage assets.

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